Solar Water Pumps

Solar Water Pumps

Our Solar Water Pumps are designed for the harsh conditions and are particularly suited for use in Kenya to meet the needs of rural village water supplies, livestock and irrigated agriculture. Our Solar Water Pumps are designed for the Kenyan Conditions and market to meet the needs for residential and commercial applications.
Ecodesh PSL designs water pump solutions that allow you to make full use of what you have. Powered using solar panel installations, these systems can save you a lot of money on fuel and time on maintenance.

Our Brands

Solar water pumps we distribute,supply and install in Kenya

General Specifications

  • Nominal Voltage(Vdc):12-300
  • Flow Rate: 3.0m3/h-110m3/h
  • Power: 750-3900
  • Maximum Total Dynamic Head : 260m
  • Maximum Open Circuit Voltage: 850
  • Flow Rate: 5.0m3/h-110m3/h
  • Outlet: 1.25-4inches

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