Solar Water Pumping

Solar Water Pumping

Solar water pumping is based on PV technology that converts sunlight into electricity to pump water. The PV panels are connected to a motor (DC or AC) which converts electrical energy supplied by the PV panel into mechanical energy which is converted to hydraulic energy by the pump.

This is a dependable system in areas where water resources are limited.

This is a dependable system in areas where water resources are limited and spread over long distances with no access to the power grid or fuel and maintenance costs are considerable. Therefore, use of solar pumps to pump water for domestic, livestock and crop irrigation .Components that are needed for construction Solar panel Solar pumping inverter Solar pump

Massive Savings

Ecodesh Power Solutions Limited designs water pump solutions that allow you to make full use of what you have. Powered using solar panel installations, these systems can save you a lot of money on fuel and time on maintenance.
Dedicated to optimal efficiency and delivering a complete solution. Each solar-powered water pumping system is made up of a pump end, brushless, 3ph pump motor and a controller. This modular concept keeps all the electronics above ground providing ease of access for simple servicing which in turn makes these very economical to own.

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