Solar Inverters

Solar Inverters

Having an inverter for backup power systems is extremely important if living in Kenya, because you cannot rely on the electrical grid to stay at full strength.

We have a large selection of solar & pure sine wave Inverters at best prices. Our inverters are top-performing and reliable. Many Kenyan homes and offices have enjoyed years of stable performance from our inverters. Choose from our wide range of inverters from a 800V,1kva Inverter,1.5kva inverter,2kva,3kv,5kva,10kva,20kva and more.

Our Brands

Inverters we supply and install in Kenya

General Specifications

  • Type: Off Grid,On Grid
  • Power Range: 2.5Kw-1100Kw
  • Frequency: 50Hz,60Hz
  • Product warranty: 5 Years
  • Efficiency: 96.1%- 98.7 %


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