Solar Batteries

Solar Batteries

A solar battery is one that receives its energy from the sun or from some other light source through the use of photovoltaics.There are three main types of batteries that are commonly used in renewable energy systems, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Flooded or “wet” batteries are the most cost efficient and the most widely used batteries in photovoltaic applications. They require regular maintenance and need to be used in a vented location, and are extremely well suited for renewable energy applications. Sealed batteries come in two varieties, the gel cell and Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) type.

Trusted Brands

Eco Desh Power Solutions Limited stocks Solar and industrial batteries from international brands like Ritar power, Gaston, Surrette, Yuasa, Hoppecke and many more. Ritar AGM deep cycle batteries and GEL deep cycle batteries are recommended to be used for solar energy application. Battery life for deep cycle batteries is expressed in cycles

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We provide small to medium large scale battery based energy storage solutions, both integrated with solar PV plant and stand alone. Energy storage systems are generally supplied in modular designs which are easily scalable and are able to deliver as much energy as needed. Automated battery management systems are applied for control.

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