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Solar Power Back Up Solutions

Power back-up systems are exactly what the name suggests-they are systems that are used to back up your power. Easy! Basically, solar power back up systems are cost-effective, simple to use solutions against black outs and power fluctuations. Unlike traditional generators, they can be installed indoor in a storage area, require no fuel, running costs or maintenance, and are fully automatic. We do solar power back up installations for both commercial and domestic use in Kenya. We have a team of experts who are able to advice on the type of system you require that will fit your needs.

Requirements of a complete back-up system are an inverter with a battery charger that will convert stored battery power that has built-in automatic transfer switching that will detect power failure and connect the inverter to load circuits. Our systems can protect both home & commercial systems from power failure ensuring less dowtime to your operations.

Solar PV Solutions

If you want to install a home solar PV system in your property, we can help you out. With many years of experience in the installation and maintenance of solar panel systems for a wide variety of different property styles and sizes, we can find the most suitable size and style of solar panels to be effective for your home. Solar power can be used for anything a standard electrical supply can be used for, including lighting and even heating. A home solar PV system that has been specifically designed for your building will be effective and efficient, giving you all the benefits of clean and green energy while still allowing you to live your life just as you always have done. Once considered outlandish and only suitable for large homes in direct sunlight, home solar PV systems are now affordable and suitable for everyone.

Eco Desh power solutions ltd is registered with NCA as contractors, Licensed to handle solar PV and Solar water heating by ERC and we are also TAX Compliant with KRA

Solar Street Lighting Solutions

Eco Desh Power solutions Ltd has good experience in developing solar powered lighting systems. Our engineers have worked in developing and installation of solar powered lighting systems. We will provide you with lighting calculations and mapping to help you to choose a design that is suitable for your project. Solar lighting is a raised outdoor light source powered by PV (photovoltaic) panels mounted on the lighting structure or connected in the pole. PV panels have a rechargeable battery, providing power to the fluorescent or LED lamp during the entire night.

The use of solar power coupled with energy efficient lighting/luminaries makes this environmentally friendly. Its panels are solely dependent on the sun hence eliminating your carbon foot prints contribution. Solar lights are independent of the utility grid resulting on a big saving in your energy bills.

Solar Water Pumping Systems

Solar water pumping is based on PV technology that converts sunlight into electricity to pump water. The PV panels are connected to a motor (DC or AC) which converts electrical energy supplied by the PV panel into mechanical energy which is converted to hydraulic energy by the pump.

This is a dependable system in areas where water resources are limited. This is a dependable system in areas where water resources are limited and spread over long distances with no access to the power grid or fuel and maintenance costs are considerable.Therefore, use of solar pumps to pump water for domestic, livestock and crop irrigation .Components that are needed for construction Solar panel Solar pumping inverter Solar pump

Specialists in Renewable Energy

We offer tailor-made solutions for any off-grid solar power solutions need.Our aim is to provide customers with renewable energy alternatives to fossil fuel heating. We consult, design, install and maintain systems to provide complete customer satisfaction whilst maintaining our aim of long-term energy efficiency.

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