Solar Inverters

Solar Inverters

Eco Desh Absolute philosophy is to supply and install systems that are going to provide high efficiency and remain reliable over many years into the future. There is a significant difference in the Type of Inverters available and our experts will help you on choosing the appropriate Model you’re your solar PV panel system.

What an Inverter Does

Unless you have the most basic system providing a low voltage DC power source, an inverter will be necessary to provide an alternating current at a higher voltage. An inverter uses a DC (direct current) power supply and creates an AC (Alternating Current) supply, usually at a voltage similar to that of your normal mains supply. In other words, it enables you to run household appliances from a low voltage DC supply such as a car battery or a more sophisticated solar power system.

Guaranteed Delivery

Our portfolio comprises a broad selection of inverters ranging from just a few watts and kilowatts for residential use to several megawatts for the commercial and utility-scale markets. Backed by our end-to-end application expertise, we offer the best chip combinations to achieve leading power density levels and best-in-class efficiency.

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